one research paper of 3-5 pages. Students will outline the
history of a bill starting with sponsorship and rationale. A focus should be
placed on voting results at each level, for each level add your personal take after
presenting each level so your presence shows up in the paper. partisan support,
and presidential support. Formatting guidelines are as follows: double-spaced
lines, one-inch margins (i.e., top, bottom, left, and right), and Times New
Roman font. A bibliography must be included and follow American Political
Science Association Style for citations. Papers will be graded based on
grammar, content, and clarity.You will write a one page reaction paper on one of the
Visit the website for the Coalition to
Stop Violence Against Native Women (Links to an external site.) and
read about the ongoing issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Make sure you identify which section you read on the site.
Visit the website for the United American Indians of New England (Links
to an external site.), and read about the National Day of Mourning.
Make sure you identify which section you read on the site.
Learn about whose land (Links to an external site.) you
currently occupy (where you live) or whose land you used to occupy (where
you used to live). Visit the website for the nation/tribe, and write about
what you learned. Make sure you identify the nation/tribe in your paper.
If you can’t find information on the nation/tribe, you can visit either of
the following, whose land TAMUCT occupies:
Tribe (Links to an external site.)
Nation (Links to an external site.)
Formatting: Double-spaced,
left-aligned paragraph format (do not include bullet points or numbered lists),
12-point font, Times New Roman, 1” margins, 0.5” first-line indentation, and
black font. Your first paragraph should start on the first line of the essay
(no title, headers, etc.). Failure to follow the formatting guidelines will
result in a 1.5-point penalty. Off-topic submissions will not be graded. You
will write a one-page reaction paper on the followingPrison in twelve landscapes choose a city other than the Bronx,
New York

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