Just need the questions answered and try not to go over a paragraph, some may be needed to go over a paragraph but the max 2 – 3 please.
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1) What is macroeconomics? How does it help you in real life? What are some of the
Macroeconomics problems face by our nation and how will you solve them?
2) What is market mechanism? Explain by using examples. What are the problems of
market system?
3) Define GDP. Explain the various methods of calculating GDP
4) Define the two types of inflation by using example and graphs. Elaborate their
5) Define the Keynesian multiplier process. Explain by using examples. Critically evaluate
the concept.
6) Define Fiscal policy. Explain how you will use it to solve inflation and recession. Critically
evaluate the effectiveness of fiscal policy.
7) Evaluate the role of commercial banks in our economy. How do they create money?
8) Evaluate the role of the federal reserve board in our economy. Explain the tools it uses
to regulate money supply. Should it be more free in conduction it’s activity?
9) What is supply side policy? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
10) What is Philips curve? Evaluate its relevance in our economy. Why various policies do
not work in real world?

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