Need help only with problem 2. Not sure how to solvewith the Vcc being a negative number.
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Written Assignment 4
Answer all of the following questions/problems and submit your answers to the mentor.
1. What are the two extreme ends of the load line called in a transistor circuit?
2. When used as an amplifier, the transistor is usually biased in the region called the
_______________ region.
3. The Q point for an amplifier is identified as _______ and _______ , which together determine the
power dissipated in the transistor.
1. For the circuit shown, VBB = +10 V, VCC = +30 V, RB = 470 kΩ, RC = 6 kΩ. Calculate the operating
point for the circuit shown for a β value of 90 and for a β value of 130.
2. For the circuit shown, VCC = –10 V, R1 = 10 kΩ, R2 = 2.2 kΩ, Rc = 3.6 kΩ, RE = 1 kΩ. Calculate the
operating point for the circuit shown. Use IB = IC / β and calculate IB for β = 90.

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