need it before 11:30based on course material onlyPlease answer ONE of the following questions as coherently and completely as possible. In your response, please focus on developing a clear thesis supported by evidence primarily from the assigned primary sources using MLA in-text citations. Your response should be between 500-750 words and based on course material only, no outside sources are needed for this assignment. Please indicate the number of the question you are responding to on your assignment. To what extent did the Crusade sources exhibit any genuine understanding of other people? Did they show any nuance in their portrayal of the “other”? (Choose at least two different assigned perspectives)How do Procopius, Gildas, and the Burgundian Code demonstrate the Transformation of the Roman Empire? Be sure to point out both continuities and changes.What features of Roman life does the graffiti from Pompeii bring to light? How do these features compare to those of the Germanic peoples described by Tacitus?

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