Need by 11pm on 12/3/19 class material has to be used answer the question contact me for questions.Standard Theme-based Essay Assignment
Objectives:One of the skills learned in history courses is to gather data and analyze that data looking for patterns of continuity and change. In order to more readily trace these patterns, this course has used the following themes: State Formation, Gender Relationships, Economy, and Global Connections. This essay is designed to assess students’ ability to interpret the history of Western Civilization through the use of primary and secondary sources, demonstrate college level writing, use and cite primary and secondary sources.
Instructions:Choose one question below and answer by writing a brief analytical essay. The essay should have a clear thesis and main points supported by properly cited primary source evidence. Essays should be uploaded via Canvas no later than 11:59 PM Tuesday 3 Dec 2019. This assignment is 15% of your overall grade in the course.
The essay should be 750-1000 words. The essay format should be double—spaced, using a standard size font and margins (12-point Times New Roman font with standard 1-inch margins). Please see the MLA handbook for guidelines on citing and formatting. The first page of the assignment should include your name, essay title, and the number of the question you are answering. MLA citation guide can be found on-line:
Questions:Power and authority: Compare the rise of social hierarchies within European history beginning with the Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Early Greek (Minoans and Mycenaeans) civilizations to European society in the mid-15th century. How did those holding power maintain or negotiate their authority with those who were nearer the bottom of the hierarchy? Provide specific examples from three periods studied throughout the course that can be supported by primary sources. Culture and identity: In this class we discussed the exchange of culture and ideas that took place through trade and war. How is this cultural exchange represented in the primary sources throughout the course? What comparisons can you make between the cultural exchanges of early civilizations (example: ancient Greek) to those of the Late Medieval/Renaissance period? Provide specific examples from three periods studied throughout the course that can be supported by primary sources.Gender Roles: Compare the role of women in society throughout the period covered in this course (Mesopotamia to roughly 1500). What was the role of women in society in the Late Medieval-Renaissance Period? How and why has it changed from Ancient Civilizations? What about women’s roles have remained consistent throughout the period of history covered in this course? Be sure to use specific examples from primary sources to support your response.

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