In this assignment, you will compare and contrast prokaryotes and eukaryotes in terms of everything you learned in this class. Then pick one of the below statements as true (A or B) and answer the questions with sound arguments: A) Prokaryotes are more advanced (explain why you conclude this) —- if so, then why did eukaryotes evolve? B) Eukaryotes are more advanced (explain why you conclude this) —- If so, why are prokaryotes still the most abundant and ubiquitous form of life? Main point and purpose: This writing assignment helps you bring all the concepts we covered this semester together to compare these two types of organisms. Pattern and procedures: Your assignment should be about 4 pages (1 page introduction, 1 page compare and contrast chart, 1-2 pages argument and reasoning, 1/2 page looking back and references). Assignment should include the following components: Introduction: Write an introduction on life, different forms of life and evolution. Do NOT summarize the rest of your paper. Compare and contrast: Include a table for prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Have the syllabus in front of you to have a view of all the concepts we covered. You need to compare these two types of organisms in terms of all we covered: cell structure and function, metabolism, cell division, reproduction, DNA structure, inheritance, gene expression and its regulation,…. Your table should look like the one below WITH MANY MORE ROWS! Prokaryotes Eukaryotes Cell structure (general structure, organelles, features,…etc) Metabolism (energy transformations, pathways,…) Argument: State if you agree with A) or B). Explain your reasoning. Then, answer the following question with sound arguments. Do NOT repeat the information from your table but use the information to defend your argument. References: Include any resources you used other than waymaker. Looking back: What part of this topic/assignment was difficult? what part was easy? why? Any suggestions? Standards and criteria: In completing this assignment, demonstrate your understanding of how different topics we covered in this course are all interrelated. Your written essay should demonstrate you understand the similarities and differences between different forms of life and the structure and function of each part and mechanism help different organisms to evolve and function as a part of an ecosystem. Please refer to the rubric below to see how your assignment will be graded. Rubric for Formal Writing Assignment 2: Score Introduction Background is thorough, understandable and provides context for and previews the structure of the paper. Meets all criteria at high level 54 Meets some criteria; uneven 32 Meets few criteria 10 Compare and contrast Comparison and contrast chart present the information for prokaryotes and eukaryotes for all the aspects of life covered in this class. Meets all criteria at high level 1098 Meets some criteria; uneven 7654 Meets few criteria 3210 Argument and supporting details Provides effective analysis of the question, argument is clearly defined, a stance is taken and supported with substantial, relevant information. Evidence and analysis are precise, fully developed and work together to enhance the argument Meets all criteria at high level 1098 Meets some criteria; uneven 7654 Meets few criteria 3210 Organization & language Structure and coherence, including elements such as introductions and conclusions as well as logical connections between points. Rules of grammar are followed and scientific language is used accurately. Meets all criteria at high level 54 Meets some criteria; uneven 32 Meets few criteria 10 TOTAL (30)

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