JUST ADD ONE OR TWO REFERENCES TO THE DISCUSSION BELOWDISCUSSION 1:The most recent conflict situation I have been involved in would be with a co worker who was just so against a new software system being implemented on the workplace. She was an older woman and not used to the the use of new technology and software so she was against anything in the department that meant she had to learn new skills. She made meetings regarding the transition very uncomfortable and tension heavy. No one had the courage to say anything to her because she had tenure and had been there longer than us all, even our supervisor. I was the one who had to work closely with her everyday, so instead of letting her negativity get to me, I found ways to show her how exemplary the new software was. I would get 50% more work done than she, and would make sure she noticed. Eventually she asked if I could show her how I made it happen. Without causing any conflict I was able to draw her to the side of the new software and show her how it could improve our department and save us so much more time.

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