InstructionsDevelop: Audience and Purpose ReflectionEvaluation Title: Audience and Purpose ReflectionWrite 3 to 5 well-developed paragraphs and avoid using you/your pronouns.Use the following questions to get started with the reflection: Look back on the writing used in your research and the writing you used to present that research to your reader within your Academic Argument Essay. Think about the structure of the research. Was it all facts, stats, and data or did the writer blend narrative with those facts and stats? How did you decide to present research to support your claim? Did you use short, power quotes or long block quotes? Why do these things matter with an academic audience? Why is formal writing the language we must use to establish purpose?
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Influence of Hip-Hop Music
(An argumentative essay)
Venus Thomas
November 24, 2019
Hip-hop music has many negative influences on the youth and children in our society. This is a
global concern among the parents and the society in general. Hip-hop artists have a culture of
their own which includes drug abuse, indecent dressing and use of vulgar language. The youth
and children who are lovers of pop music are greatly influenced into this culture. The youth
indulge in drug abuse at a young age. They innocently believe that hip-hop culture involves drug
abuse. This is something that disturbs me and I would want to see it reversed. I would like to see
the hip-hop fraternity embrace good morals, resist from drug abuse and live decent lives.
I conducted a research on the effect of the hip-hop music in our society. I administered
questionnaires at random to my schoolmate and the people around my homestead. The results of
the research were heartbreaking. Over 50% of the respondents claimed to be abusing drugs. This
was related to hip-hop as 91% of the respondents were hip hop music fans. 39% percent admitted
that they are influenced by the pop music and the pop culture. Only 11% of the respondents were
found to be conscious of the negative effects of hip-hop music. The statistics supported my
hypothesis that indeed pop music was slowly eroding our culture and spoiling our youth.
Hip-hop music started in the USA among the African-Americans and the Latino
Americans. It’s characterized by musical rhythms accompanied by rapping and chanting. Hiphop is a culture with its own unique elements. It involves MCing, DJing, graffiti, paintings and
breakdancing. In begun in 1970’s and it has grown to a big wave in the music industry. It’s
common among the youths and children. The music is played in concerts, clubs, homes, social
places, in public service vehicles among other places. In general, the music is everywhere in the
Pop artists have increased over time and the initial motive of hip-hop has been eroded.
Unfortunately what was meant for entertainment has turned to be a medium of destruction. It has
negatively affected the youth, the children and the middle-aged. They have changed their ways
and adopted the hip-hop culture. I am greatly saddened by the unfortunate turn of events. It pains
me seeing my fellow young people getting wasted into the hip hop culture.
Many, if not all, pop artists engage in drug abuse. They use the illegal drugs such as
marijuana, cocaine and heroin. These drugs are illegal in many countries in the world including
some states in America. They abuse these drugs in public and display them in their music videos.
They also post videos and images of these drugs in their social media platforms. Their fans and
followers, who comprise the youth and children, will adopt these habits as they would want to be
associated with their favorite artist’s lifestyle. The path to drug abuse is almost irreversible. It
will lead to addiction and all the adverse effects associated with drugs. This is a bad behavior
propagated by hip-hop. Action needs to be taken to reverse this or else we lose a majority of the
youths to drug abuse due to influence by pop artists.
Hip-hop involves words chanting and rapping. The words in the lyrics are majorly
abusive and indecent. Words like “nigga”, “fuck” and “mother fucker” are so common in hiphop music. These words are exposed to the innocent children who will adopt them with time and
use them among themselves, and at worst, when addressing their parents. This is a sad state of
affairs and disappointing. It’s eroding our morals as a society. This is a cause for alarm among
the regulatory bodies to protect the vulnerable children against inheriting this negative pop
culture. I feel the society need to take stern actions against the hip-hop artists and force them to
withdraw indecent words in their music and desist from using them. This way the society morals
and dignity will be restored.
Hip hop music advocates for sex as there are so many sex scenes in the videos. The video
vixens are sexually attractive and they raise the men’s urge for sex. “Because sex appears all
throughout the media: television, music, advertisements, the public has, for the most part, become
numb to it. The television used to show married couples’ bedrooms with two separate beds and
now, they almost show full sex scenes.”(Addie Wagner, 2019). The youth believe they can
intimately relate with anyone as they see on these videos. This has led to high rates of teenage
pregnancies and spread of STI’s. These youths are not mature enough to practice responsible sex
and this result in unwanted outcomes. The society is filled with unwanted pregnancies, unplanned
abortions, unplanned teen mothers. This is eroding the dignity of the people in the society. There
is need for change. The society need to take stern actions to stop the influence of hip hop music.
Emergence of slang language is affecting the development and teaching of English and other
indigenous languages in schools. The languages are threatened with extinction. Students confuse
proper English words with slang words. They use the slang words in their notes and on exam
papers. Though the students may be right and well conversant with the correct answers, they will
fail due to grammar mistakes. The slang language originated from the hip-hop culture. I feel this
is greatly affecting the quality of our education. It needs to be addressed and proper corrections
This genre of music makes the teenagers to be aggressive and violent. This mainly affects the
men. They are so influenced into the music that any provocation will lead to aggressive response
and even fights. They are made to believe that hip-hop culture entails thug life. They want to
dress, act, speak and behave like a thug. This will lead to intolerable behaviors and occasional
fights. These aggressive behaviors are a result of musical influence. The hop videos are full of
thug-like scenes meant to create a thug mentality among the viewers. This is as sad state of
affairs. The effects of teen aggression and violence are evident in our society. It should be
changed now or it gets worse.
Men want to be superior over women. They want to harass them sexually as they see on
the hip hop videos. This is believed to be the hip hop culture. It’s very wrong as it leads to men
chauvinism and portrays women and girls as inferior. They are used as toys in the videos as men
ride on them. Why can’t men act as the video vixens and the girls ride on them? Why are women
displayed as the inferior beings? Why are they harassed sexually in these videos? It’s
unacceptable and immoral for any person to portray the other as an inferior human being. We all
equal. Hip-hop artists should stop this. Women demand respect and dignity. They demand equal
treatment. This should be addressed by those concerned to create a morally upright society.
From the study, it was found that over 80% of the respondents were not aware of the
negative effects of the pop music. They listen and dance to the music without any knowledge
about the harm it will cause to them. They imitate their celebrity artists’ lifestyles blindly. They
engage in drug and substance abuse as they see in the music videos. The children are adopting the
slang language and confusing them with the indigenous languages. The society’s morals are
eroded by the abusive languages in the videos. Women and girls are portrayed as inferior where
men ride on them while half naked or simply naked. This is sad. Women are taken as lesser
human beings.
This is immoral. It’s unacceptable in the modern society. A society need to uphold dignity for
every person in the society. The authorities and civil right groups need to take action and bring
sanity to pop music industry. The culture need to be changed. It needs to be ethical. I strongly
advocate for changes in the music industry to regulate the hip hop music. This should be done
immediately to save the children and the youth.
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