Now that you have reviewed the key terms, what other thoughts do you have on the structure and language of King’s speech?
As you re-read, ask yourself the following and answer. Write 1-2 sentences for each question.
1. What is King’s thesis (Links to an external site.)?
2. Who is his audience?
3. What instances do you see of schemes and tropes, such as allusion (Links to an external site.), anaphora (Links to an external site.), and metaphor (Links to an external site.). Cite 1-2 schemes or tropes and explain what you think they mean in the context of King’s speech.
4. Do you note patterns of sound, such as alliteration (Links to an external site.), assonance (Links to an external site.), and sibilance (Links to an external site.)? Cite 1 example of a pattern of sound and what the possible reason for its use in the speech might be.
5. What else do you notice? What do your observations make you think about the speech and its meaning to the American Dream?

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