No first personNo direct quotesWrite 3-4 pages on the topic of drug use and relate the topic to the themes Psychology and biology of behavior.Two themes are required for the assignment but relating to psychology is most important. APA style reference page
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Molina, B., & Pelham, W. (2001). Substance use, substance abuse, and ld among adolescents
with a childhood history of adhd. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 34(4), 333-42.
Psychology; new findings reported from columbia university, national center on addiction and
substance abuse describe advances in psychology. (2007). Life Science Weekly, 446, 446-446.
Psychology – clinical psychology; findings on clinical psychology detailed by investigators at
central Michigan university (a comparative evaluation of korean mmpi-a and mmpi-a-rf
substance abuse scales). (2019). Mental Health Weekly Digest, 219, 219-219.
Lubin, B., Brady, K., Woodward, L., & Thomas, E. (1986). Graduate professional psychology
training in alcoholism and substance abuse: 1984. Professional Psychology: Research and
Practice, 17(2), 151-154. doi:10.1037/0735-7028.17.2.151
Mundon, C., Anderson, M., & Najavits, L. (2015). Attitudes toward substance abuse clients: An
empirical study of clinical psychology trainees. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 47(4), 293-293.

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