In this activity, you will select and critically review a peer-reviewed journal article from the Hunt Library, which is associated with Human Factors and/or Ergonomics. Be sure to review the Scholarly Literature information presented in Module 1.Use the following guidelines:Objectives: What does the article set out to do?Theory: Is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, are there important theoretical assumptions?Concepts: What are the central concepts and are they clearly defined?Argument: Are there specific hypotheses?Method: What methods were employed to support the hypotheses?Evidence: What evidence was used to support the findings?Values: Are value positions clear or are they implicit?Literature: How can or does the work impact industry?Contribution: How well does the research advance human factors and/or ergonomic knowledge?Article reviews should be 3-5 pages of text and should adhere to APA format.Please save your file as ‘LastName_Asgn_9_4.doc(x)’ (example ‘Jones_Asgn_9_4.doc’)

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