Watch this video then answer the questions below. 

watch the video below

“Supercar: Building the Car of the Future”Supercar: Building the Car of the Future”Is it too late to rethink our relationship with the automobile?” Hosted by the University of Alberta professor Brian Fleck, this program investigates recent developments in alternative fuels and car design. In Italy, MIT students Robyn Allen and Anna Jaffe, cofounders of the Vehicle Design Summit, present their prototype-a plug-in hybrid designed for the congested streets of IndiaDuration: 44:20 (mins)APA Reference: Films Media Group. (2009). Supercar: Building the car of the future. Films On Demand. Retrieved March 8, 2022, from

In your opinion, how will the “car of the future” shape the automobile industry?
As a strategist, what would you recommend to industry leaders in order to sustain in an impending changing environment?

You should submit:

A word document with your responses.
Make reference to material covered  (the video, textbook, websites, etc.; at least two references required)
Each response should be between 1 to 2 paragraphs.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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