InstructionsYou are the hiring manager within your organization, and you are tasked with
the requirement to locate the best candidates to fill a few current openings.
Your company is in need of individuals who can work effectively with a diverse
population, who have previous experience leading others, and who display an
eager attitude and willingness to learn from corporate training. Compile a PowerPoint presentation with your analysis of how hiring practices
and effective leadership can enhance performance measures. Explain how this
applies to your company and/or discipline. In your PowerPoint, be sure to
address the following questions/topics and include company or organizational
examples, as relevant.
Describe specific ways effective leaders can hire key people to serve as
prominent leaders and subordinates. Include your rationale.
Examine the effectiveness of training efficiently to build on employee
knowledge and skill sets with respect to your area or field of
Compare and contrast the different types of challenges leaders face when
hiring and training new members. Your presentation must be a minimum of eight slides in length (excluding a
title slide and a references slide). In this presentation, you are required to
use speaker notes. In the speaker notes, you will provide what you would say if
you were actually giving the presentation to your supervisor. Please write your
notes in complete sentences and adhere to typical grammar and punctuation
rules. You must use a minimum of two outside sources. All sources used must be
referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.
Be sure to use APA style for citations and references.

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