Looking Ahead Module Application Assignment: Identity FormationYou have a substantial application assignment for this module due Day 7 of Week 5.
Please begin working on this paper now so that you can give it
appropriate time and attention. Note that students often attend
Pre-Practicum, celebrate holidays, and take personal vacations during
this time; plan accordingly and start this assignment early so that you
have time to attend to this important paper. As infants grow from toddlers to preschoolers,
parents and primary caregivers have the greatest impact on identity and
self-concept. As a child reaches elementary school, environmental
influences outside the family system begin to exert their effect.
Throughout early development into adolescence, many factors, including
parenting styles, attachment to caregivers, peer influences, and
external environmental forces both directly and indirectly shape and
mold the developing self. These influences can have a lasting effect
well into adulthood.To Prepare:Review the Learning Resources for Weeks 1–5Consider the factors that impact identity and self-concept in childhood and early adolescence.Using the Walden Library, locate 2–4 recent (5 years or less)
peer-reviewed articles about influences on identity development in
childhood and adolescence.Complete either the Adult Attachment Survey (AAS) or the Five Factor Personality Test (FFPT) found in the Week 3 Learning Resources. Please
note that these surveys are for your personal use to support this
assignment. They are not clinical assessments to be used with clients.Download the assignment template in the Week 3 Learning Resources.Submit by Day 7 of Week 5 a 4- to 6-page paper in which you:Explain how the foundation of identity and self-concept is formed
from childhood through adolescence. Include considerations for
parenting, attachment, culture, peers, and other environmental
influences.Briefly share the outcome of your chosen assessment (one paragraph or less).Discuss how your own early influences have impacted your current identity.Justify your key points with specific references to the module’s
assigned Learning Resources and 2–4 peer-reviewed articles from the past
5 years.Use the template provided to outline and develop your application.

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