management information system(MIS)TITLE: The rise of artificial intelligence, and the future of work Write a report (see template with section titles and guidelines for required information) about your analysis of the AI trends and analysis of the business case – maximum word count 2,500(not including the Appendices). Your References are in the Appendix. Use APA style format.…The report should have a cover page with key information about the course title, course code, assignment title, student’s name and student number.Each page (except cover page) should be numbered, and centered at the bottom of the page.The second page should only have the Table of Contents. All page numbers and section titles should align with the Table of Contents. Do not draw a table with visible lines in the Table of Contents.The report should have only the first line indented 2.54cm from the margin for every para. Students should make every reasonable effort to apply relevant principles when analyzing a case (e.g. section 4).Do not use pronouns (I, we, they, you, my, our, theirs etc.) in a business report. Refer to throughout your report. Consult the grading criteria. Submit the report through the Turnitin link. Report will not be graded for similarity score above 30%. Marks will be deducted for score between 21-30%.5.Use consistent font (Times New Roman) and font size 12 for text throughout the report1.Overview / 1.1Trends of AI / 1.2Definitions and Examples of AI for Business / 1.3Global demands for AI 1.4Development of Tech Companies Globally / 2.The Context ( / 3.Business Problem / 4.Problem Analysis and Challenges for / 5.Conclusion / 5.1Summary of Future Work Design and Jobs / 5.2Ethical use of AI / 5.3The Future of Evie.aiNOTE: the first milestone has been done but the professor required few changes in her feedback.

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