Interview a parent for at least 15 minutes to understand his/her parenting difficulties. Write a reflective paper on the theory and skills adopted during the interview process to understand the parent and suggest resources and strategies to support the family to cope with the difficulties.All lecture ppts will be uploaded it is strongly advised to go over those first too see what this assignment is all about. Following are recommended Reference that can be used in the writing: Choi, S. Y., Cheung, Y. W., & Cheung, A. K. (2012). Social isolation and spousal violence: Comparing female marriage migrants with local women. Journal of Marriage and Family, 74(3), 444-461.Chan, K. L., Brownridge, D. A., Yan, E., Fong, D. Y., & Tiwari, A. (2011). Child maltreatment polyvictimization: Rates and short-term effects on adjustment in a representative Hong Kong sample. Psychology of violence, 1(1), 4.Corey, G. (2013). Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. USA: Brooks/ Cole, Cengage Learning.Crabtree, S. A., & Wong, H. (2013). ‘Ah Cha’! The Racial Discrimination of Pakistani Minority Communities in Hong Kong: An Analysis of Multiple, Intersecting Oppressions. British Journal of Social Work, 43(5), 945-963.Egan, G. (2014). The skilled helper. CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning.Henderson, D. A. (2016). Counselling Children. Boston, MA, USA: Cengage Learning Australia: Thomson/Brooks/Cole. Hill, C. E. (2014). Helping Skills. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.Lau, Y. K., Ma, J. L. C., Chan, Y. K., & He, L. (2012). Risk and Protective Factors of Marital Adjustment to Cross-border Work Arrangement of Hong Kong Residents: The Perspective of Stationary Spouses. Journal of Comparative Family Studies, 43(5), 715-730. Shek, D. T., & Lin, L. (2014). Personal Well-Being and Family Quality of Life of Early dolescents in Hong Kong: Do Economic Disadvantage and Time Matter?. Social Indicators Research, 117(3), 795-809.Yu, X., Stewart, S. M., Liu, I. F., & Lam, T. (2014). Resilience and depressive symptoms in mainland Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong. Social Psychiatry And Psychiatric Epidemiology, 49(2), 241-249. doi:10.1007/s00127-013-0733-8Wong, D. F. K. (2016). Effectiveness of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for people with depression in Hong Kong: Reflections on recent research findings. Hong Kong Journal of Mental Health, 42(1), 45-51Any other articles about counseling and child family education are wellcome as long as they are published within pass 10 years any other materials such as Interview will be sent directly to chat cuz it reaches the max that i could upload herePlease paraphrase quotes because similarities on turnitin are supposed to be around 10%

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