my major is psychology but I can’t find anything that related to chemistryplease help me write
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Chemistry in Your Field-Research paper
Chemistry is something that is used to describe all things in life that we do on a daily basis-although we
may not realize it. This course is a part of your curriculum because it is understood that the material
presented in this course will assist you in your career path in some way.
Your task, when completing this writing assignment, is to determine how Chemistry will help you in your
field of study. Students have written papers as nursing majors and emphasized the importance of unit
conversions pertaining to proper drug administration as well as things like gas laws to better understand
ABG testing. Students have also submitted papers who are going into agricultural practices and
explained how knowledge of various chemicals and pH can affect the growth and yield of crops.
Students going into health and wellness have written about understanding effects of electrolytes in the
body and lactic acid build up.
The sky is the limit on this one. I have mentioned some examples in class (in your lecture notes) on how
Chemistry is applied to various areas within a health related field (understanding bone density when
working with patients with osteoporosis). Expand on some of the things that particularly apply to your
field of study. Think of some of the tasks that you might do in your daily job, and see how what you have
learned, or will learn, in this class can help you better understand what you are doing.
Read this short submission from a student taking Chemistry, this is the sort of reflection we are looking
for, a general understanding of the importance of Chemistry if your field with a few examples (although
yours needs references):
Paper Requirements: minimum 1-2 pages, 11-12 point font, SINGLE SPACED

1-2 paragraphs on your personal knowledge of Chemistry:
o How did you feel about Chemistry before coming into this course? (Nervous,
excited, interested…)
o Did you have any previous Chemistry experience before taking this course? (High
school classes, college courses, at home experiments…)
o How do you feel about Chemistry now that you have gotten through a portion of
this course?
2-4 paragraphs on Chemistry in your field:
o Give 2-3 examples of ways that chemistry can be used in your field of study
o Include a minimum of 2 references (not Wikipedia, although it can be a good place
to start)
Works Cited page:
o Works cited page should have its own separate page, titled “Works Cited”
o Must include a minimum of 2 numbered references (not Wikipedia)
After each reference in your paper you need to include a number (1, 2, 3…).
Use a different number (in numerical order) for each new reference in your
The numbers used in your paper need to be listed on your works cited page
in the same order that the references appear in your paper. After the
number on your works cited page, list the website where the information
was taken from and the date that you last visited the site.
Remember that plagiarism is not allowed at this institution. You will receive an
automatic zero for your assignment and further action may be taken if deemed
Example of Numbered references:
For numbered references, the reference list is ordered in the order of their appearance in the paper.
Nothing seemed so certain as the results of the early studies (1). It was precisely this level of apparent
certainty, however, which led to a number of subsequent challenges to the techniques used to process the
data (2). There were a number of fairly obvious flaws in the data’s aspect: consistencies and regularities
that seemed most irregular, upon close scrutiny (1,2).
Works Cited (separate page)
1. Smith, J.P. Studying certainty. Science and Culture 9 (1989) 442.
2. Jones, M.R. Cooking the data? Science News 8 (1990) 878.

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