It should be at least 2 pages. Write a speech about your choice as per the given 2 scenarios. 2 hours maximum. Do not bid if you cannot deliver in 2 hours. Introduction, Body, conclusion, Good grammar
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Choose one of the following scenarios as the basis for your
Scenario 1: Imagine that you have been invited to an upper-level management meeting at the
company that you work for (currently or one you hope to work for). You are going to deliver a
persuasive speech to persuade the management team to either change a policy or add a specific
resource to their company budget.
Scenario 2: Imagine that you have been invited to deliver a speech at a town hall meeting. You
are going to deliver a persuasive speech to persuade citizens in your community to vote yes
toward the allocation of city funds towards a project or cause that you believe will benefit all
members of your community.
Tips to Successfully Complete this Assignment:

Carefully review Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in your lesson notes (about 3/4 of the
way down the page) to help you create a well developed persuasive speech.
Be sure to view the grading rubric before beginning. This is an important key to your
Finally, fill out the provided outline to help you successfully complete your speech. Be
sure that you do some research and use facts and statistics as supporting material for your
key points!
Note: You can view the grading rubric and download the provided outline, and submit
your assignment by clicking on the arrow to the next page titled “Assignment:7.”
You have THREE format options for submitting your speech: written, video, or audio.
To submit a written speech:

Be sure to follow the “Tips for Success” above
Submit your speech with an APA style title page.
Limit your speech to five minutes, or 700-1000 words.
Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in the provided outline to help you develop your
speech so that you have an introduction, three key points, and a conclusion.
Write your speech using tips, techniques, and guidelines studied in the lesson.
Create an APA style reference list that includes any and all sources you use to locate
Save your assignment as a Word (.doc or .docx) document, and upload it to the
Assignment Folder on the page titled Assignment:7.
Let your instructor know the target audience for your speech in the Comments area when
you submit your file.

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