TOPIC: Ethics and Freedom of Speech
Review pages 49 and 51 about Edward L. Bernays and his “Torches of Freedom” campaign.
Apply your ethics. Imagine you working at a large PR firm. Your newest client is an electronic cigarette company. The client asks you to help improve public perception of its product, particularly among young adults. You feel that because the long-term health effects are unknown that it violates your ethical responsibility, although nothing the client asks you to do is illegal.
Write a 500-750-word. Include the following: 

From an ethical perspective, is the above campaign comparable to Bernayss “Torches of Freedom” campaign or is one potentially more unethical? Why?
What aspects of the PRSA Code of Ethics might condemn or support working on this campaign?
In a scenario such as this, how does the interaction between freedom of speech and ethical communication play out? Does one take precedence over the other?
Would you participate in this campaign? Why or why not?

Include three or more scholarly resources.
Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.
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