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School Health. Occupational Health.
Rony Marino
Florida National University
Nursing Department
BSN Program
NUR 4636 – Community Health Nursing
Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN
December 11, 2019
Question 1
Health programs and strategies have a very critical role they play at learning
institutions as well as at the community to make sure that people remain healthy in 2020
and continue to make contributions in the years to come afterward. The community-based
and educational programs have been designed and promoted so that they can be able to
reach a lot of people out there who cannot all be served by traditional health care. Time
and resources can, therefore, be muchly reduced since a lot of people have the highest
level of access to the said settings.
Free educations can be shared with the communities through interactions at social
peers, which gives a greater hence of tailoring health education and information. It
enhances wellness and health by spreading on matters like violence and injuries
preventions, mental health and illness, chronic diseases, and oral health. The quality of
life and health, in general, relies on a lot of factors and not just on medical and health
systems that are very functioning, to make health programs in Scholl and policies to
improve is the beginning of developing the health care in the community ( A.D.A.M.
Illustrated Family Health Guide, 2016). The factors that affect negatively and introducing
better elements that promote health status in the city, the political environment must also
be improved.
Health departments, in conjunction with other health organizations, can introduce
health programs that improve the general health of the community. If the cultural practices
of the community can also be developed to enhance the healthy living of socially and
economic diversity shall be the heathy changes in society. Emerging issues in the area’s
public health can also be pointed out as adopting schools that are located around the
community so that the school dropouts can be reduced. Establishing good policies that
are evidence-based, which shall enable impacting the programs and how effective they
might become (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018). Increase the number of
skilled health workers who shall provide the needed workforce in making the community
a healthier community.
Question 2
Eight components of comprehensive school health programs.
A comprehensive school health education.
A sequential planned curriculum that looks into the physical, emotional, social
health dimensional, and mental programs. The curriculum acts to encourage and assists
the student in maintaining while making improvements to the student’s health ( Family
Health Survey, 2019). They reduce the chances of students contradicting diseases as
well as behaves that are health risks to them while they improve their understanding of
health matters, skills, practices, and attitudes.
Physical educations and activities.
It is a sequentially planned syllabus that teaches a very in-depth and experiences
for learning with a lot of things that shoulder done to improve skills, rhythms, and physical
fitness that is done through several activities. Through such actions, the student’s
emotional, mental, social, and physical development are improved through the sports that
the students enjoy (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018). The same games
might even be done throughout the students’ lives.
Nutritional cervices.
They are making availability of a range of nutritious and delicious meals that meets
the nutritional needs and health of all the students. The feeding programs should be in
line with the guidelines of the dietary. The nutrition services of schools should provide
students with a laboratory they should be responsible for learning purposes while serving
to provide resources and services to the community in general (A.D.A.M. Illustrated
Family Health Guide, 2016). The services should be provided by qualified nutritionists.
School health services.
The things to be provided to students are meant to protect, promote, and
appraise the health of the students. They are made to make access to primary health
care simpler while it makes sure they are healthy enough so that they can control and
prevent infectious ailments as well as preventing health problems. They give emergency
cares to the injured and those already ill while giving council services as well as educating
for health promotional (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018). Dentists, nurses,
physicians, and health educators are all involved in providing the services.
School counseling, psychological, and social services.
The student’s mental, social health, and emotions services are all improved for
individuals as well as for the groups. Psychologists and professional counselors are
trained to make sure that they continue to contribute to health of both students, school
environment and community at large (Kaakinen, Coehlo, Steele, & Robinson, 2018).
Healthy and safe school environment
The aesthetic environment and psychological conditions and the School’s customs
are the factors that play a critical role in the schools’ physical environment like developing
the School and its environs. It also has an influence on chemical and chemical agents
that are harmful to the health and the conditions like noises, light a temperature (A.D.A.M.
Illustrated Family Health Guide, 2016). The psychological surroundings are made up of
emotional, social conditions, and physical state that may have impacts on the student’s
state while in School.
The students, family, and the community that is included in School.
An approach that includes both the community, parents, and the School’s take on
improving the health and the student’s wellbeing, School should employ coalitions,
abased constituencies and an advisory council that should be supporting the healthy
program of the School. The School should find the best way of encouraging the parents
to support the programs with resources and positively respond to them (Family Health
Survey, 2019).
Healthy promotions for school staff.
The chances for a staff of the School to make the health status of the School by
using activities like health education, assessment, fitness activities as well as healthrelated issues. Such activities promote the staff of the School to live a positive lifestyle
that promotes orals and the status of tier health and committed to the School’s health
programs. The commitments that each person makes ads up the tote health status of the
student, which impacts positively on their roles (A.D.A.M. Illustrated Family Health Guide,
2016). When health activities are improved, the overall production also increases. The
absenteeism cases are reduced as well as the costs of the health insurance.
Question 3
Over the past years, the field of nursing has continuously experienced continuous
change with the dynamism of the globe. Competence nursing enables nurses to work in
collaborations with other professionals in the field of health as well as those outside to
recognize what is needed to be done professionally so that they can improve the healthy
state an needs of a society. In such a way, they can prioritizes the needs to come up with
new inventions of the programs that need to be implemented (A.D.A.M. Illustrated Family
Health Guide, 2016). Professional nursing, therefore, emerges as a unique position that
is very important for ensuring quality services have been provided.
Question 4
The multidisciplinary approach has been embraced so that health workers can be
shielded when they are recommended to work in certain areas because of the emerging
ideas of occupational health. The first priority is allocated to prevention primarily since on
many occasions, there are circumstances where lack of medical expertise in occupational
health. In the future, it might become a bit difficult to establish a healthy model where
physician ae, not members (Family Health Survey, 2019). The multidisciplinary approach
to fit is a bit more productive than when compared to the traditional way where there are
no modern scientific approaches (Lundy, 2015).
Lundy, K. S., & Janes, S. (2015). Community health nursing: Caring for the public’s
health. Jones & Bartlett Learning.
A.D.A.M. Illustrated Family Health Guide. (2016). A.D.A.M.
Family Health Survey. (2019).
Kaakinen, J. R., Coehlo, D. P., Steele, R., & Robinson, M. (2018). Family Health Care
Nursing: Theory, Practice, and Research. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.
Rachel Jon
Florida National University
Nursing Department
BSN Program
NUR 4636 – Community Health Nursing
Prof. Eddie Cruz, RN MSN
December 10, 2019
Question 1:
Prosperity starts in our homes, schools, working situations, neighborhoods, and
systems. We understand that managing ourselves by eating splendidly and staying
dynamic, not smoking, getting the proposed inoculations and screening tests, and
seeing a pro when we have cleared out all effect our prosperity. (“Social Determinants
of Health | Healthy People 2020,” n.d.) Our wellbeing is additionally decided to a limited
extent by access to social and monetary chances; the advantages and supports open in
our homes, neighborhoods, and systems; the nature of our mentoring; the security of
our workplaces; the cleanliness of our water, sustenance, and air; and the possibility of
our social associations and associations. The conditions wherein we live to explain
somewhat why a couple of Americans are more gainful than others and why Americans
even more, generally, are not as stable as they could be.
Social determinants of prosperity are conditions in the circumstances in which
people are imagined, live, learn, work, play, love, and age that impact a wide extent of
prosperity, working, and individual fulfillment results and perils. Conditions (eg, social,
budgetary, and physical) in these various circumstances and settings (eg, school,
church, workplace, and neighborhood) have been insinuated as “place.” Despite the
more material attributes of “place,” the instances of social responsibility and conviction
that all is great and flourishing are in like manner impacted by where people live.
(“Social Determinants of Health | Healthy People 2020,” n.d.) Resources that update
individual fulfillment can influence masses prosperity results. Instances of these benefits
join ensured and sensible cabin, access to preparing, open security, openness of strong
sustenance, close by emergency/prosperity organizations, and conditions free of
perilous toxic substances.
Question 2:
The eight separate segments of the far-reaching school wellbeing program:
school condition; wellbeing instruction; wellbeing administrations; physical training;
directing, direction, and psychological wellness; school nourishment and sustenance
administrations; worksite wellbeing advancement; and reconciliation of school and
network wellbeing exercises. (Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Comprehensive
School Health Programs in Grades K-12, 2015) Created by the American School Health
Association, the rules give an operational arrangement of practices and results that may
serve neighborhood school areas as the reason for growing needs appraisal
apparatuses, characterizing staff improvement needs, improving system arranging and
assessing the adequacy of nearby exhaustive school wellbeing programs. The rules are
expressive as opposed to prescriptive.
Question 3:
As work environments have kept on changing in the course of recent decades,
the job of the word related occupational nurse has gotten much progressively
differentiated and complex. Frequently filling in as the main on-location social insurance
proficient, the word related wellbeing medical attendant teams up with laborers, bosses,
and different experts to distinguish medical issues or needs, organize mediations,
create and actualize programs, and assess administrations conveyed. (“Competencies
required for occupational health nurses,” 2017) The word related wellbeing attendant is
in a one of a kind and basic situation to facilitate an all-encompassing way to deal with
the conveyance of value, exhaustive word related wellbeing administrations. The
Standards of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing, the Code of Ethics, and
AAOHN practice capabilities direct the attendant.
Seven abilities were distinguished: “self-development competency,” “Goodness
nursing substance propagation competency,” “vital arranging and obligation satisfaction
competency,” “coordination competency,” “customer development bolster competency,”
“group strengthening competency,” and “innovative competency.” A structure graph of
the seven skills was explained. (Themes, 2016)
Question 4:
The objective of a multidisciplinary word related wellbeing and security group is
to configuration, actualize, and assess a far-reaching wellbeing and wellbeing program
that will keep up and upgrade wellbeing, improve wellbeing, and increment efficiency.
Such projects regularly give comparative outcomes to the groups of laborers, with
resultant money related and different advantages for the organization. Word related
wellbeing and security experts incorporate word related and ecological wellbeing
attendants, word related medication doctors, mechanical hygienists, wellbeing experts,
and word related wellbeing therapists. (“Safety and Health Topics | Occupational Health
Professionals | Occupational Safety and Health Administration,” n.d.) Other related
individuals from the multidisciplinary group are ergonomists, toxicologists, disease
transmission experts, human asset pros, and mechanical/authoritative therapists.
Occupational Health and security experts are people who have been licensed
through proper techniques to rehearse a calling identified with word related wellbeing or
who give word related wellbeing administrations as per the arrangement of applicable
guidelines. Most nations have laws administering the arrangement of word related
wellbeing administrations, yet the structure of the enactment, its substance and the
laborers secured by it change broadly. The more customary laws consider word related
wellbeing administrations as a gathering of specific and separate exercises, for
example, word related social insurance, word related security, and cleanliness
administrations, work environment wellbeing advancement programs, etc. In numerous
nations, rather than stipulating what may be viewed as projects, the enactment
stipulates the obligation of managers to give wellbeing hazard evaluations, wellbeing
assessments of laborers or other individual exercises identified with laborers’ wellbeing
and security. (“Safety and Health Topics | Occupational Health Professionals |
Occupational Safety and Health Administration,” n.d.)
Competencies required for occupational health nurses. (2017, November 20). Retrieved
December 11, 2019, from
Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Comprehensive School Health Programs in
Grades K-12. (2015, December 11). Guidelines for Comprehensive School Health
Programs – Schools & Health – NCBI Bookshelf. Retrieved December 11, 2019, from
Safety and Health Topics | Occupational Health Professionals | Occupational Safety and
Health Administration. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11, 2019, from
Social Determinants of Health | Healthy People 2020. (n.d.). Retrieved December 11,
2019, from
Themes, U. (2016, August 1). 30. Occupational Health. Retrieved December 11, 2019,

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