InstructionsThe purpose of this assignment is for you to create a line graph by using data within a table, and then analyze the data to determine any trends occurring toward profit. Click here to access the template for this assignment. Save all of your work to the template before submitting it in Blackboard for grading.
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Unit III Assignment
Instructions: This assignment involves completing two exercises that allow you to analyze trends by
creating a graph that is based on data from a table. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to
demonstrate the following course learning outcome:
3. Analyze methods to maintain necessary profit and competitive selling strategies, while
controlling expenses via associative formulas and breakeven analysis.
Save all of your work to this template and submit it in Blackboard for grading.
Exercise 1. This exercise involves using the data within a table to construct a line graph for the Acme
Corporation. The table below shows total sales as well as total expenses between January and June. To
visually analyze the trend of this data, you are going to create a double line graph.
Total Sales in
Total Expenses in
Insert your line graph in the space below.
Exercise 2. This exercise involves analyzing the data on the graph in Exercise 1, and then drawing a
conclusion based on the “trend” that the graph demonstrates. With at least 100 words, describe the type of
trend that might be occurring in your line graph for Exercise 1.
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