Reply to two prompts in 100 words each. No sites needed, these are just thoughts on the prompts.    
(  Original prompt for you consideration,
Respond to the following prompts:

What political actions have been done to conserve, manage and protect ecosystems?
How have these political actions improved our environment?
What political action would you propose and why? )

Prompt 1: 
 One of the first one I read is attempting to explain the use of Social networking sites to spread news and information exponentially faster than other forms of communication. It shows the extent of social medias reach in gathering and influencing people to issues surrounding the environment and the political parties that can be seen as supporting the issues of the masses. The article examines civil society uses of Twitter to promote the climate crisis as an issue in the 2019 national election campaign in Denmark (2022, Time for Action?). Political actions have played dual roles in protecting the environment, one would tend to believe. In one area they are completely lacking and at times it is believed that the sacred hand of Adam Smith and unfettered believe in the free-market society will correct and environmental issues. I think its amusing that those that espouse such beliefs often overlook the fact that child labor laws, monopolies, healthcare, and many more items would never have come to pass in a truly free market. It is my belief that people, that are given the facts, truthfully can make the correct decisions in terms of policy. However, given the world we appear to living in, the fact that there is a growing sect of adults who believe that the world is flat, I no longer believe that its possible. I believe that until the truly disastrous effect of Climate change greets all of us and there is no possible way to refute it, by then however it will be too late.  
Prompt 2: 
According to Moffatt (December 10, 2018), “beginning in the 1960’s, Americans became increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of industrial growth.” With industrial growth comes pollution of our land as well as the water from vehicles, factories, and discarded trash. there have been many different policies and laws put into affect since the 1960’s. A couple of these policies are the Clean Air Act of 1963, the Clean Water Act of 1972, and the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 (The Moffatt (December 10, 2018) website). The Clean Air Act has helped to regulate the amount of pollution emitted from industrial companies and vehicle emissions. The Clean Water Act has helped with industrial waste being regulated instead of being dumped into our water sources. The Safe Drinking Water Act was created to help with the purification and use of chemicals that are environmentally appropriate for our consumable water. 
If I was placed in charge of managing the ecosystems, I would first create an oversite committee that would establish the disciplinary actions that would be the results of the crimes against the ecosystems. Hard labor used to build back the life that was destroyed or in the process of being destroyed would have to be cleaned up by those people responsible.

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