Note: requirement is that you must illustrate your understanding in a personal way, a way in which you are both the organization and the manager of the organization Answer the following 9 question in detail and be sure to include introduction and conclusion too.What, in 21st century management terms, is the meaning of control?How and to what extent are you in control of your organization? What gets in the way of control? How can you enhance control?Which measures of performance are most important to your organization? Why? How does your answer to this question compare and contrast with how others might measure your performance? What are the implications of the similarities and differences?What illusions of control must you be wary of? Why? What can you do to ensure that your controls are pertinent and not just illusions?What is the significance of Einstein’s assertion that, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts?”Which methods of controls are most important to your organization, hierarchical or decentralized? Why? What is the significance of your response to this?How and to what extent is continuous improvement critical to your organization? Why? What will you do to ensure continuous improvement?How and to what extent are financial controls critical to your organization? Why? What will you do to ensure relevant financial management?What is the primary take-away from your assessment of the fundamentals of controlling? What is your synthesis of this component?

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