introduction explaining the type and nature of ethical issues that occur in businesses in a global economy. The introduction should not exceed 350 words.


Healthcare- malpractice and negligence.(this is what the paper is on)
Briefly describe the ethical issue.
Explain a process to determine if the issue is ethical or not. In ethics, ethical frameworks (*see comment below) are used. Ethical frameworks include questions to ask to arrive at a decision. There is not a common agreement on the best process. Explain a process or set of questions for each of the following:
Virtue perspective
Duty perspective
Consequential perspective
Christian perspective
Guiding principles are used to make ethical decisions, why? Explain what guiding principles Christians should follow.
How are conflicts resolved according to ethics theory? 
Provide 3 examples of ethical issues in the Bible that relate to business.  

Technical Elements: 1.Make sure to transition between each paragraph. 2. Write a paper using a formal writing style (e.g., APA, MLA, Turabian). 3. Write a cover page  4. References should be formatted correctly following the writing style guidelines. 5. Create a heading for: 2 (including i, ii, iii, iv), 3, 4, 5, and 6. 6.Paper should be between 6 and 8 double-spaced pages. The page count does not include the title page nor references. 7. Do not add extra spacing or lines between paragraphs or sections. 8. Margin should be 1. 9. Paper should have no less than 11 references. The Bible does not count as a reference and should not be written in the reference section. 

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