ITE 115 (Fall 2019) HTML Web Project Instruction 1. Down load the zipped folder “my_webProj” from Canvas (click Module. Student Data files) to you computer and unzip the folder. The folder “my_webProj” contains files (project instructions, HTML code, pictures and CSS files) that you need to start the project. 2. To create the HTML file, use Notepad++ or Notepad to enter the code in the file “course_Intro1.jpg”, and “course_Intro2.jpg” and save the file under the name “course _Intro.html” in the same folder . Notepad++ is easier to use than Notepad. If your computer does have Notepad++, you can install it free. Just search “Down load Notepad++” in Google, follow the instruction to install it to your computer. Note:You can copy the hyperlink below when you type the Image hyperlink in the file “course_Intro2.jpg”: href=”″ 3. Use browser to open the file “course _Intro.html” to display the web page (double click it. If it does not work, right-click the file, select Open With, select Firebox). Check the web page to make sure it is working properly (title, CSS style (external , internal and inline), order list, hyperlink, image hyperlink ….). Refer to the file “Web page screenshot – Introduction to ITE 115.pdf”. 4. In notepad++ (or Notepad), open “course _Intro.html”, save the fileas “my_ course_Intro.html”. 5. Modify the file “my_ course _Intro.html “ to introduce one of the courses you are taking or took (e.g. Math 111) as follows: Replace the comment with your personal information (name, class and section, …).Change the title to “your name Web Page”. For example “John Smith Web Page”)Change “ITE 115 Course Introduction” to your course (such as” Math 111 Course Introduction”).Replace the Course Content Summary with your Course Content Summary (you may search for it in the NVCC website)Change the course topic and order list to the course of your choice.Change the content of table to your course. Add more rows as needed.Option: Change the hyperlink to one of your favor academic links.Option: Replace the textbook picture with a picture of your course’s textbook (you may down load a picture from online or take one yourself) and change the hyperlink to the corresponding website. Make sure to type the name and the extension of the picture file correctly.Save the file “my_ course_Intro.html”. 6. Test the web page in the browser to make sure it works properly, then close the file. 7. In Notepad, open the file “my_ course_Intro.html”, print it (HTML file). Close the file. 8. Double click the file “my_ course_Intro.html” to open it in a browser, print the web page. 9. Turn in both printouts on in last class before final exam week.~Web page screenshot – Introduction to ITE 115.pdf

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