MUST BE IN APA, 3 REFERENCES, IN-TEST CITATIONS, CONCLUSIONCreate Network Topology to Protect Database Your company just purchased a Dell server MD1420 DAS to use to store internal databases. The databases will contain all employee records and personal identified information (PII). Computer hackers often target databases and you are required to secure them. The Chief Information Officer has asked you draft a diagram for the server and 3 connected workstations that provided the best protection. Then provide a summary of why and how your diagram provides the best protection (include in-text citations and references to strengthen your proposal).The diagram must use proper UML icons.- Research: network topology to protect database server (Google Term and click images)- Create a diagram using proper UML icon, that protects the server and the 3 workstations.- Include where Internet access will be located, firewall and other details.- The body (Min 1 page) – Provide a summary after the diagram regarding how and why your topology protect the database on the server and the workstations.Resources:How to create UML Diagram Using MS WordTips: Do not copy an image from the Internet – use must create the diagram yourself. Do not hand draw the diagram, must be digital.Must have Title Page, Abstract, Body (content), Conclusion and Reference PageMS Word has UML shapes and of use Visio (or similar programs)Feel free to write more than one page if your topology is complex. DB 16- 300 Words Minimum (Main Post)- Must create a thread in order to view other threads in this forum (Your first post must be your Main Post)

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