In this assignment you further define your project scope and identify data sources that help you determine how to address your selected problem.Each of the following components must be addressed:*Determine and discuss the scope of your selected problem. Consider and discuss both qualitative and quantitative data, for example:Leader and peer interviewsPatient/customer surveysQuality reportsBenchmarking studies/baseline data. If baseline data is available: What are the goals?Are current practices meeting the organizational goals?Are the prescribed practices followed?What would you expect a review of the data to demonstrate in regard to your selected project?*Determine and discuss the level of risk and frequency of the problem to determine the importance of the project.*Looking at the information you have gathered so far, determine and discuss whether the project lends itself to an evidence-based practice approach or a quality improvement project.*Format your assignment as one of the following:700-word APA-formatted paper.The paper must be formatted using APA-compliant headings for each required topic of the assignment being addressed.

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