Topic: Deviance & Crime: War on Drugs
Since the 1960s, the U.S. has taken a very proactive and expansive role in the prohibition of illegal substance manufacturing, distribution, and usage. Widespread control has taken place in every level of governmentfederal, state, and local. Specific impacts are seen in spending, imprisonment, and the educational systems, which were designed to proactively address drugs with the younger generation. Based on this information, respond to the following questions as stipulated in the instructions.
Discussion Question(s)
Based on your personal opinion, is the war on drugs justifiable, e.g., morally, economically, and socially?Should we continue to combat drug usage? If so, to what extent should we continue to combat the drug issue, i.e., no drugs, some drugs, or no limitations on drugs?What is your reasoning for continuing or discontinuing federal, state, and/or local intervention in drug control?

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