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Dec 2 at 11:04pm
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What I learned was how to sort of “connect the dots” of the past to have a better understanding of the present which was my goal. As noted my response post below, I found the primary source documents compelling because it was written by people who were experiencing the events at the time. The discussion boards were especially helpful with the way they are set up so that everyone can add and share their ideas which promotes interaction and is the best way I’ve seen to go about it an on-line course. This way people can learn from each other. It was also helpful to get feedback on the special projects and to view other projects because there was a ton of information learned from what other people worked on. The last reflections assignment is probably my proudest work and I would share it, but it is not due yet so I am not sure if it would be a good idea to share it if other people are still working on the assignment. The reason I am proudest of what I wrote is because of the amount of time I spent on it; rewriting it over and over, because I wanted to really tie everything together. The best to everyone. Adrian Cortez
Dec 3 at 9:39pm
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This history class has been helpful in learning how to push myself to get a lot done in a short amount of time.I’ve actually learned a lot about modern world history, and not just memorizing names and dates.I remember at the beginning of this class, I had hoped that I would end up having a good overview of what happened throughout history and why.I think the textbook is a good choice for this class. My writing has improved a bit, and I actually liked having to include artwork and quotes from primary sources.It helped provide a framework for my essays. The writing sample I’m attaching is just a small paragraph from Essay III.I chose to share this because in taking this class, I realized that I really enjoy dissecting and analyzing art and finding symbols and perspectives that tell a story.I think I might take an art history class next semester.
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History 101
Professor Gastil
By: Adrian Cortez
December 3, 2019
Writing Sample from Essay III
The painting below is by Laurent Pelletier, called “Das erträumte Phalanstère von
Charles Fourier” (1868). This picture is painted from an interesting perspective, almost
like someone is looking onto the city as an outsider and seeing how the ideas of
Fourier could be put into fruition through organizing a phalanx, which was similar to the
architecture of the Louvre. It looks like a utopian paradise. We can see how the city is
organized in how the buildings are placed and the beauty of the surrounding nature.
Fourier believed that this transformation of society could happen through organization
rather than battles of war. He believed that work and life could be pleasant when
organized properly.

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