IT Ethics and Responsible Conduct” Please respond to the following: Recently, a US Circuit Court upheld the enforceability of Website Terms of Service (ToS), even though the user did not have to click-through to agree.Identify one positive and one negative implication of this finding.What terms do you believe are ethically appropriate for such agreements? Explain your position.Pls respond to this below;”Whose Responsible?” A Look At Terms & Services With Applications When we look at the terms and services of any kind of app, hardware, or software we decide to use more times than not we aren’t really reading the entirety of the information given to us (if you are you scare me and have too much free time). While companies do everything by the book and within legal parameters they don’t necessarily cover basic human functions. One of the positive things about having these “Clickwrap” or “Browsewrap” functions is that it allows for easier navigation of the actual software being used and presents everything for the user to navigate at their leisure. However because of this most people will find it rather lucrative to just click through or skip past the terms and services of anything to be able to utilize the app. this in the long run may or may not come back to haunt the user as while they may not have any idea of what the contract entails they technically agreed to the terms listed for usage of said software or technology. I believe there are some terms that can be allowed this form of contractual obligation that doesn’t necessarily impede the customers expectations. Perhaps terms within the lines of “application Manipulation” or “Jailbreaking” could be placed within these guidelines but don’t necessarily need to hold the users hand seeing as it wouldn’t pertain to most users; just those who have tendency to alter software illegally. I think basic terms such as price variation and availability of the applications usage should be a bit more direct with their terms delivery methods.Best Regards,Andy Dc

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