JUST EDITING DO NO REWRITE must get it rightJUST EDITING DO NO REWRITE must get it right
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Edit the following snippets for grammar and punctuation. Confirm the information is correct and the
snippet meets the client requirements. Do not rewrite the work. Edit and adjust existing content as
needed to comply with instructions.
1. Use the Oxford comma for serial lists.
2. Avoid any marketing-type/salesy comments and self-accolades. These snippets should be
objective and factual. The business being described is not our client; the service directory is.
3. Keep the snippet within a 70 to 80-word range.
4. There should be no descriptions of their pricing (affordable prices, competitive rates, etc).
5. There should be no mentions of ratings from sites like Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List or
the BBB. Awards from these sites are ok.
6. Refer to companies by their name or the business, the company, it or its. Don’t refer to a business
as they or use their as a possessive
Snippet #1:
Business site: https://pyramidlawnservices.com/
Pyramid Lawns is a garden service company located in Jacksonville, Florida thats been proudly
offering lawn care maintenance services to residential and commercial properties for 10 years. The
company specializes in general lawn care services as well as sod replacement, tree trimming,
landscaping and irrigation repair services and they also provide related services such as pressure
washing, property cleanup, or tree removal. Consisting of the city’s best technician’s, an agronomic
professional heads up the team at Pyramid Lawn. Pyramid Lawn received an A+ rating from the
Better Business Bureau.
Snippet #2:
Business site: https://athletixrehab.com/
Athletix Rehab and Recovery is an Orlando, FL, rehabilitation facility that takes pride in offering their
clients a team of highly-skilled professionals. It offers exercise and performance recovery, stretching
services, massage therapy. It specializes in a well-rounded health and wellness approach for
longlasting results through diet, activity posture, and behavior-modification. The rehab team
includes licensed doctors of physical therapy, certified strength and conditioning specialists and
athletic trainers that have worked with many recovering professional athletes in the greater Miami
area. Visit Athletix R&R to start your road to recovery now.

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