Lesson 11, Assignment: Mini Analysis Activity (50 points)Using the library, the links suggested in the lesson, or the Internet, find a persuasive piece of visual or mixed media rhetoric. Copy the link.Please use discretion when selecting images from the Internet. Pornography is not allowed.After reading or viewing your work, answer the following questions. It’s recommended that you do so in a word processing document to check your spelling:What do you think about the topic being presented?What type of audience are the creators of the text appealing to (resistant, neutral, or sympathetic), and how can you tell?What do the creators want you to think after you view or read the object? Don’t just stop at the obvious. For example, an advertisement will want to sell you a product. Dig deeper into the persuasion techniques that are being used.Review the grading criteria below before submitting this assignment to your instructor.CriteriaMax PointsContent: A persuasive visual or mixed media item was selected, the link was shared as directed, and each question was answered in full using clear examples.30Organization: Ideas were clearly organized.10Grammar/Mechanics: Complete sentences with no more than 3 errors were used.10Total Points Possible50

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