InstructionsEnglish 120 Common Final ExamDirections:Please be sure to write ONLY your student ID number and class section number at the top of your exam. Please do not write your name. Once you are ready to begin the test, please click on “Start Quiz” below. Time 120 minutesYou will be given two short articles, which express opposing viewpoints on the the effect of social media on student writing. You will not be able to see these articles until you begin the test. You will have 120 minutes (2 hours) to read the articles and write an essay on the same topic, using the articles as support. You should take a clear stance on the issue (choose a side) but also address the counter argument somewhere in your essay. Once the 120 minutes are up, you will be forced to submit the essay. Make sure your internet is working properly and you have the time to write. I will NOT accept final exams by email or any other method (absolutely no exceptions!), and you will not be allowed to restart it. You will need to submit your essay by attaching your completed file. Do not attach in the submission comments. Prompt:This assignment asks you to respond to the topic both articles address with an argument of your own in an essay that is 4-6 paragraphs in length.Use effective essay structure, with a brief introduction, middle or body paragraphs, counter argument and refutation, and a brief conclusion paragraph.In your essay, be sure to:
Include a thesis statement identifying your position on the topic. To develop your thesis, provide clear topic sentences/sub-claims/reasons throughout your essay. (Remember to use PIE structure, and that each body paragraph needs two IEs for PIE.)
Support your argument with direct evidence from the supporting text (the one you agree with), either as quoted or paraphrased material using in-text MLA citation. Additionally, your evidence should be followed with close analysis/explanation of how the cited material supports your main argument.
Be sure to address and respond to a counter-argument and provide a refutation to that counter-argument in your essay.
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