it is a 3 minutes presentation. can I have 4 page powerpoint and a speech of it.the project is to think a solution to solve Wework company problem. the problem is “WeWork is growing akin to a tech company and, in doing so, is overextending itself in the real estate market place”.the solution is Readjusting the Executive Team pay scale. so can you fill some details of it?like give some reason of why Readjusting the Executive Team pay scale is benefit for Wework, and why Wework need to change it. and also need some financial research.these are also need to think about. Implementation Action Plan: Describe the research you must do to answer the following questions about EACH alternative:• How could it be implemented?• How much will it cost short & long-term? (Make educated assumptions about cost!)• How quickly can it be completed?• How risky is it? How easy is it to do?• How well does it solve primary problem (estimate a percentage)?• What are the consequences of each alterative? – Think through EVERYTHING!

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