My professor said I could watch a video of any government meeting relating to environmental policy. Our textbooks were: Walter A. Rosenbaum, Environmental Politics and Policy (10th Ed.) (2016) (ISBN# 9781604266078) and Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness (1990) (ISBN# 9780671695880)For this assignment, each student will attend some sort of an open public (government or non-profit) meeting during Fall Semester 2109 that deals with some sort of issue related to environmental policy (for purposes of this assignment, I will interpret the term “environmental policy” very broadly). It does not matter to me if you attend a federal, state, or local (or even a non-profit) meeting. For example, you could attend a hearing at the state capitol, a community council meeting, a city council meeting, a county council meeting, a meeting of the state Department of Environmental Quality, a meeting of the state Radiation Control Board, or any other public meeting that involves environmental policy. After attending the meeting, the student will then write an analysis of the meeting. Within this analysis you should include a detailed description of what happened at the meeting, what were the environmental-policy-related issues discussed, who spoke, and any other pertinent information. The student should then compare his or her speculation about what the meeting would be like to what actually happened. Did you think the meeting was useful? Did the meeting resolve any issues? How many people attended the meeting? What did you learn from attending this meeting? If you were in charge, what would you change if anything about how the meeting was conducted? Finally, can you apply anything you have learned in this class to what you observed while attending this meeting? You must be specific about this part of your essay. Please provide citations to chapters, pages and specific quotes in your texts which help you better understand what happened at this meeting (either from a content perspective or a process perspective). In this section of your essay, you must cite directly to either the Abbey text or the Rosenbaum text. Your essay should be written in a narrative (or essay) style and be between 6 and 8 pages (double spaced) in length and is due on or before December 8, 2019.

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