It gonna due on Thursday for the final exam. Someone helps me. It is about Affluenza.
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ESOL 400
Essay #3: Final Argumentative Research Paper
General Overview
We have read that Affluenza is a serious disease that affects so many people and many areas of our
lives. If we agree that we need to get better, how should we do it?
In this final unit, you will write an argumentative essay supported by your own research on how
the disease should be treated, or at least reduced. Your goal is to convince your reader that
implementing your proposed course of action will lead to a cure, or minimally an improvement.
In addition, within this essay, you will argue a position and acknowledge an opposing argument.
General Requirements

Develop a manageable focus for research

Research support for why your suggested method of treatment is most effective
Consider and address a counter-argument against your opinion
Synthesize information from a variety of credible sources

Use the library database as well as other credible sources on the internet which provide you
with appropriate academic resources for your paper

Use MLA citation including a reference page and in text citations
Specific Requirements

Length must be 5-6 pages, double-spaced, 12-point type

You can include up to 5 brief quotes, but the majority of your information should be
paraphrased from your sources

You must use at least 3-5 resources* in addition to Affluenza (though you are welcome,
and in fact encouraged, to use more) retrieved from Skyline Library’s database.

You must use MLA format with a reference page containing all works cited

Your Final Portfolio will include ALL OF YOUR DRAFTS and work (including a
proofreading draft that clearly shows visible proofreading and editing), your research
proposal/focus, your outline, and notes from your sources.
Mazzi & Rivera, Rev. 11.24.19
ESOL 400
**You should also include (electronic) copies of the articles and sources that you used for your
research with the passages highlighted that you paraphrased, summarized, or quoted in your
Research Proposal/Focus:
Managing Your Research (for at least 5 texts):
First Draft:
Second Draft:
Final Draft in Essay Portfolio Due: Thursday, December 12th – Canvas submission included!
Your essay will:
 Have a thesis that clearly and thoroughly answers your own research
 Support your point of view with well-reasoned and logical points
 Use PEA ¶s to make your ideas clear and convincing, giving enough logical
evidence and analysis to “prove” your main idea to the reader
 Synthesize ideas from your chosen sources and Affluenza
 Use BOTH paraphrased and quoted material from the texts
Mazzi & Rivera, Rev. 11.24.19
ESOL 400
 Include a counter-argument, ideally in the last body paragraph before the
conclusion, in your essay
 Include an engaging introduction and conclusion (using the techniques
presented in class &/or our Course Reader).
 Use correct MLA citations in text and works cited page
 Be proofread and free of major grammar errors
 Meet the ESOL 400 essay rubric requirements
Mazzi & Rivera, Rev. 11.24.19

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