Instructions:Write a 3-4 page essay response to the following prompt. Your essay must be in MLA format and must include a Work Cited page. Please submit it to me as an attached PDF, RTF, or Word doc. using the Submit Assignment electronic portal above no later than 9:00 AM Wednesday December 11, 2019.Prompt: This is a reader response exercise. It is clear that Catcher or
O’Connor’s short stories have evoked some emotion or thought in many of
you, whether revulsion, confusion, praise, condemnation, tolerance,
inspiration, boredom, and so on. Whatever that thought process or
emotion is, please hold on to it. Now, think about three concrete
reasons or literary devices used within just one of the stories that you have read this semester that
have helped evoke this reaction from you. Reasons and literary devices
will vary. Here are just a few: characterization, setting, plot pattern,
tone, narrative style, diction, descriptions, symbolism, use of
hyperbole, use of foreshadowing, cultural sentiments, political
message(s), use of religion, resolution, theme, profanity, racial
discord, originality or lack thereof, rebellion against power
structures, ambiguity…etc. Once you have selected the story and the
three reasons/devices, write a simple essay (five paragraphs are
sufficient) examining how those three
elements have aroused the respective thought or emotion in you. Please
note that your essay must include evidence from the story in each
supporting paragraph, and it must not exceed four pages, counting the
Work Cited page.Helping
Note: Thesis is the emotion/thought that is incited, and plan of
development points are the three reasons/literary devices that have
stirred this reaction. You may write this essay in the first person, if
you prefer. Best of luck/skill!NOTE: I will provide my four essays that I completed during this semester.

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