Natural selection and evolution play a large role in behaviors of animals, including humans. The Owens et al. study assigned for reading this week introduces a strain of mice that have been selected (scientifically, rather than naturally) for behavioral sensitivity to alcohol. These selected strains of mice are an example of evolution through selection for certain traits. Write a 2-3 page paper (excluding the reference section and title page) discussing a particular strain of animal where a particular behavior has been selected for. You can select almost any behavior and find selection studies that have been done in mice and rats. You can also use the long-sleep and short-sleep mice that have been presented in the article this week. Be sure to discuss not only the selection process and impact but also other associated changes resulting from the initial selection process. As you will find if you search the long-sleep and short-sleep mice there will be a significant number of changes that occur at the neurochemical and behavioral level as a result of the initial selection study.

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