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1. Which of the following are methods to secure an email with a suspicious attachment in a
desktop email program like MS Outlook 2013?
a. Quarantine the email in the Draft folder.
b. Download the attachment and move it to the computer’s Trash Bin.
c. Forward the email to the Helpdesk for processing.
d. Delete the email from the Inbox, and then remove it completely from the Trash.
e. Reply to the email asking to be unsubscribed.
2. An administrator suspects that a Windows 10 workstation is being overloaded with too many
connections over the network. Which of the following actions can be performed to view which
computers are connected to the administrator’s computer and then view how many failed
connection attempts have occurred?
a. Open the Task Manager and click the Performance tab and click on the network
connection being used.
b. Open the Command Prompt and enter the command netstat –s. Then open the
Windows Resource Monitor, click on the Network tab and expand the TCP Connections
c. From the Start screen, type View Network Connections, right-click on the network
adaptor and select Status. Then Open Computer Management, expand the Shared
Folders node and click on Sessions.
d. Open the Windows Firewall log file in Notepad. Use the Edit > Find tool to search for all
instances of Connected and Failed.
e. Open a command prompt and run the pathping/test/all command specifying the
default gateway IP Address as the target.
A user receives a new laptop, but when first attempting to access the company network they
are unable to do so over a wireless connection. The company leverages user certificates for
authentication on the corporate wireless. Users are set up for auto-enrollment for these
a. Reboot the laptop, since it needs a fresh boot to log in to the network wirelessly.
b. Attempt to connect on the wired network and log in to the domain.
c. Locate a different wireless access point and try to access the company network through
d. Reimage the laptop.
e. Execute Wireless –connect to connect to the wireless network.
4. Which of the following GUIs provide a central location to enable, disable, update, uninstall and
troubleshoot drivers on a Windows 10 computer?
a. Credential Manager
b. Performance Information and Tools
c. Device and Printers
d. Device Manager
e. Programs and Features
5. A server is using the Windows Firewall to protect the Web server service installed on it. Which
of the following must occur to limit access to the Web server from other systems on the
a. Ensure inbound connections that do not match a rule are allowed.
b. Create an inbound rule to deny access to the sockets that the Web server is listening on.
c. Ensure inbound connections that do not match a rule are blocked.
d. Create an inbound rule to allow access to the sockets that the Web server is listening
e. Edit the rule to only contain the IP addresses that are authorized to access the Web
6. Which of the following are valid ways to reset a user’s password in Windows 10?
a. Use the Reset PC option in Advanced Startup Options.
b. Create another user account with the same username that uses the old password.
c. Reset the password using a password reset disk.
d. Reset the password online on the Microsoft website.
e. Have another user with a local account and administrative permissions reset the
7. A user’s Windows computer will not boot and will only make a series of beeps during the boot
process. Which of the following will assist in troubleshooting?
a. Boot the computer in Safe Mode.
b. Boot the operation system from a USB.
c. Check the motherboard manual to determine what the beeps during the Power On SelfTest (POST) indicate.
d. Boot from a DVD.
e. Reboot the system.
8. A user prints to multiple network-connected printers. The user connects a local USB printer to
their Windows 10 computer but cannot get it to print. Which of the following steps will resolve
the problem between the USB printer and the user’s Windows 10 computer?
a. Execute Driver Details on the Driver tab of the printer within the Device Manager GUI.
b. Execute Roll Back Driver on the Driver tab of the printer within the Device Manager
c. Deselect the Print spooled documents first check box on the Advanced tab within the
Printer Properties.
d. Ensure the proper driver is selected from the Advanced tab within the Printer
Properties. Reinstall the proper driver if necessary.
e. Select the Share this printer check box on the Sharing tab within the Printer Properties.
9. A user at a remote office complains about delays when using MS Outlook 2013. The user’s office
is connected to the main site via a very limited bandwidth connection. Which of the following
can be done to improve the user’s experience?
a. Enable the Offline Address Book for the user.
b. Move the user to Outlook Web Access.
c. Increase the bandwidth for the remote office’s network connection.
d. Disable Cached Exchange mode for the user.
e. Enable Outlook Anywhere for the user.
10. A user complains of continually bad performance with wireless network access in the main
office. There are enough Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to effectively cover the office, which are
operating on the 2.4GHz frequency band. The telephone systems consist of 2.4GHz cordless
models. Which of the following will improve the wireless network performance?
a. Change the telephones to 5.8GHz models.
b. Replace the wireless network interfaces with 802.11n models.
c. Change the telephones to 900MHz models.
d. Replace the wireless network interfaces 802.11b models.
e. Replace the wireless network interfaces 802.11g models.

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