Note: The project is about Smart Home on packet tracer and use the images attached to create the power point slides Create a powerpoint slideAddress all the six component on the powerpoint slidesWrite a short essay reflecting this project on word document Identify and construct an IT infrastructure and architecture proposal to solve a real-world problem related to solving social issues, supporting science or engineering, or conducting business operations. The proposal should be in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, where you include design documentation to strengthen your slides. The proposal should address six sets of issues, corresponding to the modules of the course: data, hardware, software, networking and network services, cloud, and cybersecurity. Consider builds, animations, annotations, narrations, and anything else that makes your presentation engaging and concise. if you use anything from the Internet, cite it in the notes section of the slides. The Powerpoint should be divided into these sections: Section 1: Problem and Proposed (Prototype) Solution What problem are you proposing to solve with an IT-intensive solution? Describe your design process, for example empathize, define, ideate, and selection for prototyping (you will only “test” your solution conceptually). State/show briefly what the solution is, that you will detail in the next 6 sections. Section 2: Data What types of data will the system be handling? What file formats? How much data? How fast will the data be accumulating? How will data storage be distributed among the mist/edge devices, the fog, and the cloud? Section 3: Hardware What locally running hardware will be required for your solution? What are the detailed specifications? What is a block diagram description of your system? What remotely running hardware will you need to run, or will you “rent” that in the form of cloud services? Section 4: Software What locally running software will you require? How would you describe the local software stack? Will you be using any locally running VMs? How will relevant software be distributed among the edge, the fog, and the cloud? How might a REST API call from a locally running Python program help your system get more value out of a cloud service? Section 5: Networking and Network Services What are the edge, fog, and cloud computing aspects of your solution? Describe the LAN up to the gateway in detail. How will you connect to an ISP? Any special requirements needed from that ISP to carry your traffic to and from the cloud service? How would you describe the aspects of the networking stack you are proposing (especially which protocols)? Would describe your system as IoT? Section 6: Cloud What role do cloud services, such as SaaS, PaaS, and/or IaaS, play in your solution? Which specific features of which specific cloud services would you propose to use? Does the cloud service support REST API calls from end devices in the mist, edge, or fog? What roles do big data, AI, and IoT play? Section 7: Cybersecurity How would you describe the attack surface? What are some of your system’s possible vulnerabilities? How do you propose to mitigate them? Are there any privacy issues associated with your solution.
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