Kindly read the article and answer the extra credit question. It is pretty easy
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Extra Credit Article: Spanish Missions!!!
Please read the following article and listen to the podcast: A Cross of Thorns
As a journalist/reporter, take a position on whether you think the mission system was an
overall good or bad situation for the native populations. Also, put into consideration what the
justification the Spanish priests and the role of the church. Should this weigh against the
realities of the missions and their long running history. Please be sure to cite the article and
podcast (Ex: Podcast;A Cross of Thorns). Your responses should reflect critical thinking and
analyses of both sources. Responses should also be a minimum of 500 words. Please include at
least two key terms in bold/underline that you take from either the tectbook/article/or podcast
Good Luck if you decide to do this

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