Films can reveal social content that reflects the culture and society in which they were made.  We have seen filmmakers create films that reference various social issues or themes.  Some examples include- tradition vs. modernity; constructions of gender, class, or race; the generation gap; urban life; and the legacy of colonialism. First, identify a similar social issue or theme that links these two films-Monsoon Wedding and Persepolis.Discuss and compare how the two films explore a similar social issue through the narrative and mise-en-scne.  In your essay address these points:
        Identify one main social issue or theme that both of the films address.
        Discuss this specific issue as seen each film as it is revealed through narrative plot, characters, dialogue and/or the mise-en-scne.  Be specific and describe details from the films.
        Compare the films and the main message(s) each presents about the social issue.  What is similar and different about the message or theme?

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