Write a two and a half to three-page essay on the use of foreshadowing in A Good Man is Hard to find.” Identify and describe with quotations at least three instances of foreshadowing that occur before the car crash.
            You must quote from a critical source in a published book or journal that is not simply a website. Go to the library and do an academic search for a critical analysis of O’Connor’s use of foreshadowing. You must also quote from the story.
            At the end of your essay, list in MLA format, the book where the story is found and the critical secondary source used in the essay.
            Be sure to explain how the use of foreshadowing makes the story entertaining, how it engages the reader. Your essay will be graded on all of the following:
Secondary Critical Source
Formatting: Typed only, Double space, 1 inch margins, black ink, uniform indents
Use of punctuation
Citations: In text and End Citations
Proof Reading Evidence

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