Use the free version of SPSS to review, demonstrate, and execute the following functions:

1. Enter the following data:

Case 1: Age 24. Weight 165. Gender Male. Pretest score 65. Post test score 80

Case 2: Age 28. Weight 150. Gender Female. Pretest score 65. Post test score 75

Case 3: Age 23. Weight 125. Gender Female. Pretest score 80. Post test score 85

Case 4: Age 31. Weight 150. Gender Male. Pretest score 83. Post test score 90

Case 5: Age 24. Weight 150. Gender Male. Pretest score 75. Post test score 80

1b) Run descriptive statistics on the data

1c) Run a frequency distribution on the data

1d) Create a graph of posttest scores

2. Complete the SPSS Assignment Table below

Item 2.1: What was your mean? Response? Comment?

Item 2.2: What were your t-test results? Response? Comment

Item 2.3: What was your standard deviation? Response? Comment

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