InstructionsCase Study Project(first draft and revised draft)OverviewFor this final project you will continue with the social issue that you selected (language and power; freedom and security; health and wealth) and you will write an essay where you discuss your perspective. You will use the ideas and information from the summary-response and the quote log to write your case study. You will submit a first draft and a revised draft of this assignment.ContentDescribe a “real life” instance of your selected social issue in a professional or a personal setting.Discuss your perspective on your selected social issue, including the reasons for your viewpoint.Discuss how your core values inform or influence your perspective on your selected social issue.Demonstrate that you are really thinking about your issue—don’t settle for easy answers, don’t pretend that conflicting evidence doesn’t exist, and don’t feel that you have to take an either-or position.Discuss the complexities of your selected social issue. For example, do not just conclude that using academic language is always good, or that government surveillance is always bad, or that wealth automatically leads to health. Think about the intricacies of these issues and how they play out in everyday life.OrganizationInclude an introductory paragraph, where you clearly outline a “real-life” instance of your social issue and you give a thesis statement that indicates your perspective (see Part 2: Writing Your Introduction for an example).Include three body paragraphs where you include details, examples, and quotes from at least three of the course readings to help you develop and support your key points (see Part 3: Writing Your Body Paragraphs. for an example).Include one body paragraph where you discuss how your core values inform or influence your perspective on your selected social issue (see Part 3: Writing Your Body Paragraphs. for an example).End your essay with a concluding paragraph where you restate your thesis, summarize your key points, and leave the reader with the “so what?” ( see Part 4: Writing Your Conclusion for an example).Purnell, J. Q. (2015). Financial health is public health. What It’s Worth: Strengthening the Financial Futures of Families, Communities, and the Nation. Retrieved from, R. A. (2001). Wealth secures health. Monitor on Psychology. Retrieved from, S. (2018). Is being rich the only road to well-being? U.S. News & World Report. Retrieved from
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Health and Wealth
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Health and Wealth
Quote log
“Children who experience a particularly severe type of stress called “toxic stress” are also at
increased risk for adverse behavioral and health outcomes as adolescents and adults.” (“What It’s
Worth,” n.d.)
This quote means that children, too, are affected by stress due to poverty. This kind of
stress that affects them from an early age also affects their growth and development, hence also
leading to long term effects. They become teenagers and even adults whose brain functioning
and development are hindered. I chose this quote because it explains better about the rising
situation of depression among teenagers and adults. The number of suicide cases has increased in
the United States of America, and researchers have tried to connect this situation to various
issues, both internal and external. This quote, however, helps connect the negative behavior and
health outcomes among the adolescent and adults. This also relates poverty and financial strain
to these issues.
“Cohen has also taken a closer look at specific markers of social status. In one study, for
instance, he found that people who were underemployed or unemployed were four and a half
times more likely than other participants to get sick when exposed to the cold virus.” (“Wealth
secures health,” n.d.)
The information in this quote was concluded after a research linking an individual’s
status to their health conditions was carried out. In a case study where the subjects were exposed
to the cold virus, those that were unemployed and those who were also underemployed got sick
more often and faster than those who were employed. This also shows that people who are
socially and economically disadvantaged are more likely to live unhealthier lives than those who
are in the high levels of the social ladder. I chose this quote because it explains the relationship
between social status and the health of an individual. The quote also probed me to further
research on this relationship.
“Research shows that health and income are linked at every economic level. Middle-class
Americans, for example, are healthier than those with low incomes, while the rich are healthier
than the middle class”. (“Health and Wealth: Is Being Rich the Only Road to Well-Being? |
Healthiest Communities | US News,” n.d.)
This is a piece of conclusive information on the relationship between an individual’s
health and their income. From the examples given, people with more income are more likely to
live healthier lives than those with low income. This means that the rich people in the United
States of America are healthier than the middle class, while the middle class is healthier than
those at the low class. It is, therefore, clear that there is an undoubted relationship between the
household income and the behavior of the individuals. I chose this quote because it supports the
information I have given before, about this clear relationship. It confirms that the wealth of the
household determines the health of its members in the present and the future.
“Simply providing more and better health care is unlikely to solve the problem of health
disparities. That means that even legislation hailed as the most momentous social policy in at
least a generation, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), is not sufficient to the task of alleviating
persistent health inequality.” (“What It’s Worth,” n.d.)
This quote explains that simply advocating and providing for better healthcare and health
services will not solve all the health problems. National and individual health problems can only
be solved by digging deeper into the root causes of these problems. The quote also shows that
there is a reason as to why even the most thought to be effective policies have not been effective
in ensuring a healthy nation. I chose the quote because it emphasizes the need to do better
research on the causes of health problems in the nation. It is clear that we have been making the
wrong choices in the past, and therefore we need to change our view of these issues. I also chose
the quote because, unlike the previous ones, this quote offers a solution.
Health and Wealth: Is Being Rich the Only Road to Well-Being? | Healthiest Communities | US
News. (n.d.). Retrieved from
Wealth secures health. (n.d.). Retrieved from
What It’s Worth. (n.d.). Retrieved from

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