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HSC 403 Final Project
Scenario: For the final project you will be working with a dataset from a local health
intervention implemented from 2009-2011. These are real (albeit slightly modified) data.
One of the goals of the intervention was to enhance preschooler’s knowledge of and
preference for fresh fruits and vegetables. You will be applying the analyses and concepts
learned this semester in order to report on whether the intervention was successful in this
To help you get started and provide structure for the assignment, you have been provided
with a partial write-up of the results of this study. Your goal is to complete the write-up
provided below.
Pay special attention to the highlighted portions, as these are the sections you will be
expected to fill in.
Good luck!
Southern California Farm-to-Preschool Program
Evaluation of Wave 3 Data
In order to determine the farm-to-preschool curriculum’s impact on students, a
total of five activities were designed in order to assess students’ food knowledge and
preferences in an age-appropriate manner.
Activity 1: Find the Fruit
The Find the Fruit activity consisted of a grid containing a total of 12 food
pictures arranged in 3 columns and 4 rows. The pictures were comprised of 4 different
fruits covered in the farm-to-preschool curriculum, 4 different vegetables covered in the
farm-to-preschool curriculum, and 4 non-fruit, non-vegetable ‘distracters’ (ex: cheese).
Each row was designed to have only a single fruit represented.
Before the activity, students were told that some of the pictures were of fruit
while other pictures were not of fruit. They were then instructed to “find the fruit” by
placing stickers on the fruit pictures while being careful not to put stickers on non-fruit
items. Each student was given only a single sticker for each row, allowing him or her to
only select a single item as the fruit in any given row.
Activity 2: Find the Vegetable
The Find the Vegetable activity was identical to the Find the Fruit activity save
that students were asked to “find the vegetable” instead of fruit.
Activity 3: Rate That Food
In order to assess students’ food preferences, the Rate That Food activity showed
students a series of food pictures and asked them to indicate whether or not they like each
food by placing a sticker on either a thumbs up or thumbs down image beside the food. A
total of 12 pictures (4 fruits, 4 vegetables, and 4 non-fruit, non-vegetable ‘distracters’ [ex:
cheese] were used, with all fruits and vegetables being drawn from the farm-to-preschool
Activity 4: The Freshest Food Comes From…
In order to assess students’ knowledge regarding food freshness, they were shown
two locations (a farm and a grocery store) and were asked to place a single sticker on the
site with the freshest food. The images used emphasized a specific food: tomatoes. For
the farm image, the picture prominently displayed a row of tomatoes still on the plants.
For the grocery store image, the picture prominently displayed tomatoes stacked in the
produce department of a major grocery chain.
Activity 5: Would You Try It
In order to determine whether the farm-to-preschool curriculum’s impact would
generalize beyond the specific set of fruits and vegetables present in the curriculum, two
questions were developed to ask students if they would be willing to try novel fruits and
vegetables. In an effort to select fruits and vegetables that the preschoolers were unlikely
to have eaten before, dragonfruit were chosen as an example of a novel fruit, and
artichokes were chosen as an example of novel vegetables. For each picture students were
asked to indicate whether they would be willing to try the food by placing a single sticker
on either a thumbs up or thumbs down image beside the picture.
Hypothesis Testing
*Submit ONLY the portion underneath the line
1) In order to determine whether there was a statistically significant difference between
the case and control students’ ability to correctly identify fruits a was conducted.
2) In order to examine the relationship between case or control status and knowledge of
where the freshest foods come from, a was
3) Finally, in order to determine whether there were any statistically significant
differences in students’ ability to correctly identify fruits across the three schools
examined, a was conducted.

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