5. What does Iwasaki believe should be Japan’s response to foreign competition?  What measures does Iwasaki suggest are necessary in order to compete with the Europeans?
For Zoom Reflection:  What is your assessment of Iwasaki’s approach to business?
6.What does Sun Yat-Sen see as China’s primary weakness?  How does he propose to address China’s problems?
For Zoom Reflection: What might be the possible weaknesses of Sun Yat-Sens approach to Chinas post imperial future as opposed to that offered by Mao Zedong and the Communist Party?
7. How does Gandhi define passive resistance?  What does Gandhi mean in referring to passive resistance as a “soul force ” or “truth force”?
For Zoom Reflection:  Under what circumstances is Gandhis approach an effective response to oppression?  Under what circumstances might its effectiveness be more limited?

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