Just please answer the questions provided in the file attached. Answer them to your best knowledge. The longer the better for each. My teacher prefers 3-5 sentences each question!!
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How does the Truman administration deal with the new government of China, and what actions does it take regarding
this country?
How does the United Nations contribute to the debate over Communism?
What effect does the Cold War have on Korea by 1945?
What actions does General Douglas MacArthur take in Korea and how do he and Truman disagree?
Why is Korea important to understanding the Cold War conflict?
Briefly discus postwar civil rights in terms of how various states treated the issue of discrimination by the mid twentieth
What changes happen for black southerners by 1952?
What action does Truman take in 1947 to address the issue of civil rights, and how does Congress respond?
How did the issue of the Cold War play out among black advocates of civil rights?
How does Truman’s undersecretary of state Dean Acheson contribute to Cold War rhetoric and who was his audience?
How do Cold War tensions manifest themselves in Vietnam in 1945, and how does the Eisenhower administration
What was the United States involvement in Vietnam by the early 1950s?
What happens in Geneva that strengthens Communism’s hold?
How does the Cold War rhetoric of freedom at odds with the reality of intervention on behalf of the United States?
How did the emergence of the Third World effect the policy of containment by the late 1950s?
How did the white south address the Brown decision, and how did the implementation ruling in 1955 negatively impact
What was the Southern Manifesto, who authored it, and what important language was used to state their case?
How does Virginia play a role in desegregation?
How does Congress address civil rights in 1957 and what effect does it have in the south?
How do Cold War tension play a role on the issue of segregation, and what effect does this have on American diplomats?

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