IntroductionThis module addresses employee privacy, an important topic for every hospitality leader. While employees have a certain right to privacy, it is in an employer’s best interest to eliminate any reasonable expectation of privacy so as to eliminate any potential conflictsModule ObjectivesWhen this module is completed students will be able to:Identify the major issues related to employee privacyDescribe the steps an employer should take to reduce employee privacy as much as possibleDescribe what, in anything, an employer may do regarding an employee’s off-duty conductAssignmentRead Chapter 11 in your bookComplete the Module 8 Writing AssignmentMODULE 8 Writing Assignment:
This is an individual assignment. Everyone has the same assignment. You must do your own work and use Turnitin. I will not accept any paper that has any cut and
paste material. See Syllabus. Like all papers you’ll submit, formatting is: 1” margins all around, double spaced, Times New
Roman 12-point font. You will read Chapter 11 in your book and do your own independent research into employee
privacy issues. You will then draft a “Employee Privacy Policy” for your new hospitality company.
Do not simply copy something from the Internet…if you do, I will ignore your paper and give you
a zero score. It must be in your own words. Make sure your policy covers all the important issues
you think your employees need to be aware of. There is a 3 page minimum…which equates to an “average” score. As always, if you want a better
score…do more than the minimum work required. I can tell when a student has done the work and
when they have waited until the last minute to throw something together. Don’t be in that latter

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