Must be 7-8 pages If you are in the business field, analyze the book from an economic or business perspective. How
do economics and global business interests influence the journeys of the migrants? I will post the outline that I have already done. I am in the business field, so please make sure it goes along with that
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Austin Ballo
Professor Larson
English 124
24 November 2019
Outline Example: How the Border Effects Business
Main Claim
Even though there are a lot of issues going on at the borders between Mexico and the United
States, closing the border will not magically make all of our problems disappear. Closing the
border between Mexico and the United States will destroy businesses and accounting all
Subcliam, Counter Argument/Rebuttal, and Conclusion Outline
● SC1: ​Many journalists have already stated that closing the borders will cause major impact to
the economy.
● Evidence 1: ​When the border closed for a few hours, there were about 5.3 million dollars
lost in sales (Horsley, par. 3).
● Evidence 2: ​Neary 1.7 billion dollars of products cross the border daily (Swanson, par. 6)
● SC2: ​If the borders close, many people will be left without jobs and many employers will
have no employees.
● Evidence 1: ​In a single month there are about 75000 people who cross the border for
different reasons (Swanson, par. 8)
● Evidence 2: ​Immigrants make up about 14% of the United States population, so if you
kick them out, A lot of jobs will be lost (Radford, par. 4).
Ballo 2
SC3: ​The border issues could hurt the economy because Mexico could stop buying goods from
us if people protested.
● Evidence 1: ​Mexico is one of the top three buyers from the United States and buying
from us would hurt the economy a lot (Russ, Par. 3)
● Evidence 2: ​Another big issue would be that the flow of goods would get all messed up
by the closing of the borders (Russ, Par. 7)
SC4: ​Because of all the tax issue with borders, many companies have moved production out of
the United States.
● Evidence 1: ​“​Even though U.S. corporations use loopholes and other tax breaks to lower
their ​effective rate to 10.6 percent​ (Picchi, Par. 4)
● Evidence 2: ​“Border tax adjustments would go a long way towards ending this anomaly”
(Picchi, Par, 8)
SC5: ​Closing the border walls has caused many people in Mexico to riot over what’s going on.
● Evidence 1:​ “​A cell meant for a maximum of 35 held 155 adult males with only one
toilet and sink” (Ainsley, Par. 2).
● Evidence 2: ​“Border agents remained armed in holding areas because they were worried
about the potential for unrest, the report said” (Ainsley, Par. 4).
SC6: ​When you make it hard for people to come into the United States, they have to come in
● Evidence 1: ​“​New immigrant arrivals have fallen, mainly due to a decrease in the
number of unauthorized immigrants coming to the U.S.” (Radford, Par. 9)
Ballo 3
● Evidence 2​: About 200,000 people have been deported from the United States
since 2017 (Barrera, Par. 2)
Counter Argument
According to the ADL, they think that immigrants are coming to the United States to obtain
welfare and other government help.
“​Many studies have shown that on average immigrants pay more in taxes than they receive in
benefits, meaning the taxes they pay more than cover the cost of things like public education and
healthcare” (ADL, Par. 4)
The government needs to understand that closing the border will do a lot of damage to the
economy and it will hurt a lot of people. Losing four thousand dollars a day to small business
will completely shut it down.
Ballo 4
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Ballo 5
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